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The sixth annual Palm Beach County Summer Golf Croquet League at the Charles P. Steuber National Croquet Center has been a wonderful social activity for the members of the center and others in the community.  The Golf Croquet League is a perfect opportunity for members of the community who have never played croquet to come to the center and experience the game and make new friends!  This Summer League was sponsored in party by BMO Private Bank.  We are thankful to them for their support, they made this the best summer league experience we have ever had.

If you missed this summer's league make sure that you join us for social activities that we offer at the club or come in for a FREE croquet lesson any Saturday! Please contact Marie Sweetser at (561) 478-2300 ext 3.

For information on club membership visit:

Tournaments are played on our vast lawns through out the year, you are welcome to come and watch the players battle it out! 






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