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 The National Croquet Center announces an expanded 2019 Palm Beach County Summer Golf Croquet League, increasing the event's capacity from 96 teams to 144 teams. Summer league play is on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings running for five weeks starting Monday, July 8. Players will be organized into championship, amateur and beginner blocks to encourage fairness and balance of play and fun for all. Playoffs between the block winners from all three evenings will be on the final night Wednesday, August 13 and will be followed by a celebratory lobster dinner and awards ceremony.

The summer croquet league, started in 2009, is the easiest version of croquet to learn and to play. Beneath the eye-pleasing white attire and civilized demeanor, the competition is friendly yet fierce. The league attracts players from all over Palm Beach County to compete in the summer doubles' tournament. Croquet is a genteel sport of underlying competition and every year the program expands for summer leaguers anxious to get in the game. Teams of two, three or four players are comprised of families, friends and businesses; extra players are allowed to switch out between games and weeks to accommodate summer travels and absences. Team names are required and creativity is cheered on! White attire is encouraged in keeping with the long-standing croquet tradition and flat shoes are mandatory; no heels of any kind are allowed.

One-time entry registration fees (including instruction, practice sessions and use of mallets) are as follows: teams with two players / $45 per player; teams with three players /$40 per player and; teams with four players / $35 per player.

The Croquet Grille & Lounge, operated by Sandy James Catering, will be open throughout the summer tournament for light refreshments and croquet-cart beverage service during play. In the dining room, weekly themed buffet dinners will be available for players and their friends priced at $15.00 per person, inclusive of tax and gratuity. No reservations are necessary. The awards ceremony and lobster dinner are $25.00 per player –non-players $30 and require advance reservations. Credit cards and cash are acceptable forms of payment for all croquet fees, food and beverage.
Complimentary instruction and practice sessions will be offered from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Tuesdays, June 18, June 25 and July 2 at the National Croquet Club for new entrants and competitors who have played less than three years in the league. Strategy sessions will also be offered from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 29 and July 6 in the NCC's lounge.
The National Croquet Center is located at 700 Florida Mango Road, West Palm Beach, FL. 33406. For more information, details and catering inquiries, please call 561 478-2300, visit or follow on or 

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Tournaments are played on our vast lawns through out the year, you are welcome to come and watch the players battle it out!







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